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The History of MaXXauce

MaXXauce Label.jpg

Dear Friends:


I am pleased to offer my sauce about which I can confidently say: "It's great-- on everything!"


It is a "finishing sauce"-- a modified ketchup with zest and tang, but not in an overwhelming way. Kids love it too. 


It's all natural. No preservatives or additives. It is particularly good on foods that may be a bit dry by themselves, such as meat, fish, eggs, rice, potatoes, and beans.

The MaXXauce name and its label are new, but it is the identical sauce that I produced in 2005, using a different name and label at the time. The sauce was a big hit then, but personal events made it necessary to stop production and sales. Now, it’s back— big time!

“A hit at my 4th of July gathering in

Beaufort, SC.”


Love the sauce! Have used it on everything: eggs, potatoes, rice.


Put some on corn casserole once. Great at enhancing left overs too.

PA (Burlington, IA)

In its first iteration, MaXXauce was called RIP’S SAUCE, named after a distant family member, “Rip," who owned a popular bar-restaurant in rural western Kentucky. Every day, Rip would cook up a batch of his sort-of-secret sauce that his customers would use liberally on the food he and his staff served up for decades. It was not a complicated product, but it sure was good— on everything! MaXXauce captures identically Rip’s iconic recipe. 


Here is the what original label for Rip’s Sauce looked like in 2005:

RIPS Label.jpg

The contract food producer for MaXXauce is the renowned Kathy’s Kitchen, based in Virginia, Illinois, 35 miles northwest of Springfield.


MaXXauce is also available now for wholesale and retail sales.

Inside Frig.jpg

“My friends cleaned my refrigerator yesterday, and this is exactly how they rearranged the things they put back.”

TH, Springfield, IL

My family (including 3 under the age of 4) have been using your sauce as replacement for things like ketchup, among other sauces! It’s been a hit!

JD, Monticello, IL

Please enjoy, and do pour on!

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