The Home of MaXXauce!

From an old family recipe, MaXXauce offers you this amazing finishing sauce that really is good – On Everything!

It's time to MAXX out on flavor and taste! It's great on meats, fish, eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, soups, dips...and so much more!


We love it. Earlier today I gave a package of frozen elk meatloaf, made from a bull elk I shot in the fall, to my son-in-law to share with his family which includes a six-year-old. I had given them a package of frozen elk meatloaf earlier and they loved it. Upon delivering the meatloaf today my son-in-law questioned  do you have any more MaXXauce as my six year old son keeps asking for it. That prompted the order.

Thanks again for getting us hooked on it...Colin