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The Home of MaXXauce!

From an old family recipe, MaXXauce offers you this amazing finishing sauce that really is good – On Everything!

It's time to MAXX out on flavor and taste! It's great on meats, fish, eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, soups, dips...and so much more!


The best sauce I’ve ever had.

RM (Manheim, PA)

We love it. Earlier today I gave a package of frozen elk meatloaf, made from a bull elk I shot in the fall, to my son-in-law to share with his family which includes a six-year-old. I had given them a package of frozen elk meatloaf earlier and they loved it. Upon delivering the meatloaf today my son-in-law questioned  do you have any more MaXXauce as my six year old son keeps asking for it. That prompted the order.

Thanks again for getting us hooked on it...Colin

"New Years Dinner…  sponsored By MaXXauce, Served today on baked skinless chicken breast, accompanied with corn muffins, black-eyed peas, yams, & homemade coleslaw.

The MaXXauce flavor leaves you coming back for MORE!"


C.L. (West Chicago, Illinois)

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